Behind the Scenes at Alcatraz

A few months ago David and I went to Alcatraz. He had been before, but I, the native Californian had not and I was definitely looking forward to the trip! I was even more excited about it when my ever-present insatiable curiosity paid off in the form of a behind the scenes tour of The Rock.

One of the awesome staff was taking a couple of other tourists up to check out the view from the Gun Gallery and I piped up to ask where they were going. The result? David and I got a super awesome peek at the prison from the guard’s perspective and we even got to go see the generator building (who knew the Rock has it’s own power grid?) the antique fire truck, and the guard’s break room. All in all, an amazing tour.

Check out the full set of pictures here.

Secret Acatraz

prison cell window in the door to the yard old school fire truck, Alcatraz Island the generator room