The Discovery Kids Museum with Kiana

For christmas, I got Arturo and I passes to the Discovery Kids museum, and we had the opportunity to take Kiana there earlier this week. First off, wow! That place is absolutely amazing. Kiana LOVED running around and checking everything out. We let her take the lead in choosing where to go and what to play with, and she just shined under the opportunity to do whatever she wanted in a safe environment.

The exhibits are great, I think when she gets a little older, she’ll be able to take in a lot more of the exhibits themselves, but for now, the toddler area with the fish river and the “aquarium” were perfect.

Christmas With My Family

My sisters and brothers in law all came to Santa Rosa to celebrate Christmas this year, and we had a great time hosting our traditional Childs christmas. We’ve been hosting family friends Chuck and Syd for a tamale dinner on Christmas ever for the past few years, followed by Christmas breakfast and present opening the next morning. Then we all pitch in to cook a big meal for our family, and any other guests we can wrangle together for Christmas dinner.

This year was extra special because Sarah and Darren were able to meet baby Ethan for the first time. He’s still super small, only a month old at this point, and just loves to be held in the mobi wrap. Sarah tucked him in to the wrap earlier and he slept for the longest time.

Getting Back on the Wagon

July 14, 2011 - Arturo

I’m going to start my 365 project again after failing in 2010. I’m determined to make it this year, if only because I am so glad to have taken some of the photos that I did last year.

So, day 1: July 14, 2011. I got off work early, grabbed Arturo and headed out to the beach to check out the sunset. It was pretty cold at Salmon Creek, but the sunset was gorgeous.

This one also doubles as photo 13/100 of my 100 Friends project.

I’m not even sure what to say about Arturo, because I kind of feel like the photo says it for me. This is basically the perfect picture of Arturo because every time I think of him, I think about his smile, and how much he makes me laugh.

Here are the rest of the photos:


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