The Discovery Kids Museum with Kiana

For christmas, I got Arturo and I passes to the Discovery Kids museum, and we had the opportunity to take Kiana there earlier this week. First off, wow! That place is absolutely amazing. Kiana LOVED running around and checking everything out. We let her take the lead in choosing where to go and what to play with, and she just shined under the opportunity to do whatever she wanted in a safe environment.

The exhibits are great, I think when she gets a little older, she’ll be able to take in a lot more of the exhibits themselves, but for now, the toddler area with the fish river and the “aquarium” were perfect.

Christmas With My Family

My sisters and brothers in law all came to Santa Rosa to celebrate Christmas this year, and we had a great time hosting our traditional Childs christmas. We’ve been hosting family friends Chuck and Syd for a tamale dinner on Christmas ever for the past few years, followed by Christmas breakfast and present opening the next morning. Then we all pitch in to cook a big meal for our family, and any other guests we can wrangle together for Christmas dinner.

This year was extra special because Sarah and Darren were able to meet baby Ethan for the first time. He’s still super small, only a month old at this point, and just loves to be held in the mobi wrap. Sarah tucked him in to the wrap earlier and he slept for the longest time.

Joey and Rosy’s Engagement Portraits

It’s wedding central in my friends group, and I have 3 weddings on the books for next year. One of them is for my good friend Joey and his fiancee Rosy. I first met Joey in high school, and volunteered with him doing food not bombs for almost 6 years. He’s one of the most driven people I know, and never loses his sense of humor.

Joey’s family is from Kentfield, CA and their wedding is going to be at Deer Park Villa, so for our photo shoot we went to a few parks in Marin county.

Elly and Joel’s Engagement

When Elly called me to tell me about her engagement, I knew I wanted to take portraits of them together. Elly and I have been through thick and thin together. We first met in elementary school and have been best friends for what seems like forever. After college, we traveled through Europe together, and then to Peru a few years ago. I couldn’t ask for a better firend, and I’m so happy that she and Joel are not only doing great, but getting married.

They’re such a unique couple, and have so many interests in common. Joel is a super funny guy, and the engagement session was full of laughter.

Allie and Ryan’s Wedding

I was delighted to be asked to bring my camera along to my good friends Allie and Ryan’s wedding. I remember when I first met Ryan, I knew he was such a great match for Allie’s easygoing the more the merrier attitude. They’re super fun, and threw the best party for their wedding. Ryan’s sister Jessica did all of the flowers (and silk streamers, too!) and proved herself to be a truly amazing floral designer.

I remember talking with Allie about the color sceme, and seeing the groomsmen’s ties when they came in the mail, and I knew that everything was going to look beautiful, but even knowing some of the details in advance, seeing it all come together was amazing. When guests arrived, they were greeted with a table overflowing with baskets of local berries to sample and take home. The music was djed by a good friend of Ryan’s, and the food was tasty. The venue was a gorgeous home in Sonoma, with tons of parking out back, and lush, green lawns. Allie entered via the staircase where she later threw the bouquet, and the ceremony was lovely.

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