The Hamilton Mixtape

As anyone who took AP US History from Mr. Cortopassi can attest: Alexander Hamilton was a snake and the Federalists can be blamed for almost everything.

Mr. Cortopassi is my favorite teacher of all time, and it is in his honor that I am posting this epic video of playwright/performer Lin-Manuel Miranda’s performance at the White House’s Evening of Poetry of the first song off his forthcoming rap album The Hamilton Mixtape.” Yes, that’s right, he’s writing an entire hip-hop album about Alexander Hamilton. Evidently along with being a money-hungry federalist snake, Hamilton was an OG.

why youtube is so awesome

This has to be the best mashup of internet memery and political humor ever. John McCain really should have known better to stand in front of a green screen by now, right?

This too, is amazing. An LA improv troup brings “One Day More” from Les Miserable to a faux Obama campaign office.

stuff white people like

One of my friends recently posted a thoughtful commentary on the responses to the popular website which lists such popular white people interests as:

San Francisco » Dinner Parties » Having Gay Friends » The Wire » Hating Corporations » Graduate School » Multilingual Children

Upon first glance the website is funny, more a list of stuff white hipsters like than stuff white people in general like, but I definitely cringed while reading the list to see so many things I like on the list. What I hadn’t thought about while reading that site though, is what it means that I saw so much of myself in that list. My friend viktorfrankl on livejournal, posted an interesting response to this:

the value that i see in that blog is to point out to white people that they have a culture. it is a HUGE problem in this country that most white people see their culture as the default culture, and therefore don’t think of it as a culture, but they see other non-white cultures as cultures because they are “ethnic.” this is the same way that whiteness works in general. white people don’t like hearing told that they are white. they see themselves as the default, the norm, as non-racial, as just “regular.” the value of this blog is to point out to people that just like black people, just like mexican people, they are subject to cultural sillyness that they have never questioned, that they see as the norm, as the default.

I fall into this trap a lot, of not thinking outside of my personal reference, and of not always remembering that mine is not the only cultural view or experience. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that I like NPR or tea, or going out to breakfast, but I do think it means that I have a culture, and engage in activities characteristic to that culture. It’s a good thing to be reminded about that.

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