Nostalgia Fest for Sad Old Geezers – Photos

This weekend, the Phoenix Theater hosted one of the most well organized, super fun shows featuring a slew of bands from the heyday of Sonoma County punk bands. Since I am so much younger than my friends, there was an element of feeling like I was at someone else’s reunion, but it was a lot of fun to be there, and to see so many people and bands that I’ve heard stories about for years.

Mickey and the Big Mouths were my personal highlight of the show. I thought they sounded great, and I had a ton of fun taking photos and testing out my new 24-105mm lens.

Ben Throwing a Pillow


The Invalids

Miriam and Desiree

Joey, JT and Blair

Michael - taken white standing on a chair because I am too short to take nice pictures from the ground


The full set of photos is here.

Fall is Here at the Crux House in Santa Rosa

This weekend I tested out my new (to me) Canon 5D at a benefit for the Santa Rosa Free Clinic. My friends Fall is Here were great, and I’m really happy with the way some of the photos turned out. The basement at the Crux House is lit by 2 bare bulbs, which makes for some really cool lighting.

I’m definitely looking forward to getting to know my new camera. Check out the full photo set here.

Fall is Here

Celeste IMG_9445

Free Mind Media Art+Music benefit show

Art + Music Benefit for Free Mind Media

The benefit show for Free Mind Media was fantastic and I had a great time hanging out with so many awesome people. There were about a million bands and artists and we raised over 2 months of expenses for Free Mind in one night. I was honestly overwhelmed at the support and can’t wait for the next event Terrence and the folks at Tonegazer put on. I took a whole bunch of photos. I was mostly experimenting with my portrait lens and shooting without a flash, so some of them came out sharper than others. The lighting inside Daredevils & Queens was fantastic though (they are seriously the coolest hair salon ever) and I ended up liking the effect.

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