I was delighted to be asked to bring my camera along to my good friends Allie and Ryan’s wedding. I remember when I first met Ryan, I knew he was such a great match for Allie’s easygoing the more the merrier attitude. They’re super fun, and threw the best party for their wedding. Ryan’s sister Jessica did all of the flowers (and silk streamers, too!) and proved herself to be a truly amazing floral designer.

I remember talking with Allie about the color sceme, and seeing the groomsmen’s ties when they came in the mail, and I knew that everything was going to look beautiful, but even knowing some of the details in advance, seeing it all come together was amazing. When guests arrived, they were greeted with a table overflowing with baskets of local berries to sample and take home. The music was djed by a good friend of Ryan’s, and the food was tasty. The venue was a gorgeous home in Sonoma, with tons of parking out back, and lush, green lawns. Allie entered via the staircase where she later threw the bouquet, and the ceremony was lovely.

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