I’m an aunt!

I’m back from a week in Oregon with my sister Elizabeth, her husband Jim, and my brand new baby nephew Ethan!

I’m excited to be an aunt, and completely in awe of just how exhausting it is to have a baby. Elizabeth is an absolute trooper, despite the lack of sleep, she’s already such an amazing mom to Ethan, and it was so special to be able to take a week off of work and spend this time with her and Jim.

My mom joined my for the first few days of the trip, and was a godsend. Obviously, after having 3 babies of her own, she’s an expert, and was full of helpful advice and knowledge.

Vermont Trip

I took a whirlwind trip to Vermont earlier this month, it wasn’t nearly enough time to spend with my Nana! But is was a great time nonetheless. My whole family came together for a belated celebration of my Nana’s 90th birthday. It was so great to spend time in Rutland, my sister Sarah, her husband Darren, and my cousin Jayo walked down to the farmers market and ate sweet corn, right on the cob raw (amazing!) We had a big party for Nana at Christ the King Church, followed by a bbq/pool party at the hotel where my cousins were staying.

My mom is planning on going back to Vermont sometime soon, I hope to join her one of these trips!

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