Vietnam in Photos – Day 9

Dalat Crazy House

Crazy Chesire Cat Fireplace

This is the Dalat Crazy House. What is the Dalat Crazy House you might ask? Well, it’s this hotel that is, crazy. It’s sort of a weird Gaudi/Dali-esque treehouse filled with intricately carved furniture and animal themed guest rooms. If you don’t want to stay there, you can still pay an entrance fee and visit the house. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen and was definitely worth the trip for the strange factor alone.

While we were there we saw tow separate groups of people who were on our flight into Dalat, and I also encountered an excited older asain man who spoke no English but really wanted to see my camera. He gestured to it repeatedly and asked to see it, I kept saying no and his friend, watched the exchange and laughed. The excited guy was sporting his own Nikon camera so I’m still not really sure why he was so insistent to see mine.

Vietnam in Photos – Day 8

Small Plastic Chairs

Tiny Plastic Chairs

Vietnam was a country full of tiny plastic chairs. All along the streets in front of shops, the sidewalks would be full of people selling goods and sitting in these little chairs. In Hanoi our hotel was near an intersection with corner bars which filled the sidewalk and street with plastic chairs at night and big groups of tourists and locals would sit drinking beer hunched into the kid sized chairs.

Vietnam in Photos – Day 7

I am terrible at this posting regularly blogging thing, so I am going to catch up in a series of backdated blogs. At least it will look like I’m good at schedules!

A Random Horse Tied up at the Lake A Cowboy at the Dalat Flower Garden

A horse themed post. Both of these pictures are from Dalat. The first was taken while we were walking around the lake to the Dalat Florwe Garden. We were enjoying our walk (unbeknownst to me I was working up an epic sunburn) and randomly a horse appeared on the side of the road! The horse was just chillin, he was tied up on a long rope nibbling on some grass and there was no one around. It was very random.

The second picture comes from inside the Flower Garden. This guy was walking around with the horse and for a small fee you could ay to sit on the horse and have your friends take your picture. I think it was a pretty slow day at the Garden, and this guy loked a little bored. Suffice to say, it was surreal to see a Vietnamese dude walking around a botanical garden towing a horse in western cowboy gear.

Vietnam in Photos – Day 6

More! Live! Fish! In! a! Bowl!

We saw some seriously weird food in the markets, but this is one of the only photos I took (mostly I concentrated on walking as fast as possible and breathing as little as possible). This shop was selling some seriously fresh fish. Still alive, and swimming around in these bowls on the sidewalk fresh. I think I looked a little horrified when I saw them, and the guy on the motorbike was snapping his fingers and pointing to the fish for me. maybe he wanted me to buy them.

Vietnam in Photos – Day 5

Smiling Kids

LIttle kids in Vietnam were really happy to see me. I guess it’s becuase I looked so, so different. It was really weird, but mostly just funny. This kid yelled hello to me about 15 times and smiled the biggest smile ever when he saw me with my camera. I took this on our second day in Dalat when Miles, Leanne and I wandered around town vaguely trying to get to the lake, but mostly just enjoying the cool neighborhoods we walked through and being happy to get away from tourist central.

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