Vietnam in Photos – Day 1

Leanne in our Hotel Room, Ho Chi Minh City

Leanne in our Hotel Room

I am going to try to post a photo (or two) a day from my trip to Vietnam. Some of them will probably have stories to go with them, others might not.

This one is from our first day in Ho Chi Minh City. It was taken (IIRC) shortly after we checked in to out hotel, The Liberty 2. It was definitely the nicest hotel we stayed in on the trip, good sized balcony, big bathroom with a great tub and a separate shower.

After checking in, we went and wandered around Ho Chi Minh City, mostly we marvelled at the crazy number of motorbikes, and took forever to cross the streets for fear of getting run over. We also got followed around for like, 5 blocks by a guy with a bicycle rickshaw type thing, he really wanted to give us a ride, but a) we wanted to walk and b) those things are only big enough to fit 1.5 people, but that guy was really persistent!